"Do you know?"


January 18, 2018

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The audio for 知道 is cut off to zhi da' with a very short and abrupt ending on the final syllable. Is this normal pronunciation or a glitch in the system?


What do the individual characters of "know" mean, or is it impossible to break down?


知 (zhi) = to know

道 (dào) seems to have many translations. One of them is 'principle'.

知道 (zhidào) = to know the principle

I guess by breaking it down like this, 'zhi dào' is easier to distinguish from 'knowing a person': 认识 (rèn shi).


Difference between zhi dao and ren shi is what? They both mean know


oh 认识 is used when you know/recognize a person while 知道 is a broader term and can be used when you know something in general


zhi dao is about knowing facts (like french "savoir" or german "wissen") whereas ren shi is about having personal experience with something (like french "connaître" and german "kennen"). For example: wo3 zhi1 dao4 ta1 zao3 shang4 he1 cha2 - I know (the fact) that she drinks tea in the morning vs. wo3 ren4 shi2 ta1 - I know her (from personal experience as in I've met her).

I read this explaination by a user called Fiyalka2 some exercises back and it was very helpful for me so I hope, it helps you, too.


你知不知道 is also eccepted


Why is 你认识吗 not accepted?


Renshi认识 is for people


not quite, you can also know (ren4 shi2) books, movies, cities, etc. it's about having personal experience as in having met someone, having watched a movie or read a book or visited a city vs. knowing (zhi1 dao4) facts about people, books, movies or cities. For example: to say you know a person you would use ren4 shi2 but knowing about that persons habits is factual knowledge (like someone likes to drink tea in the morning) and thus you would then use zhi1 dao4.


if you know french or german, zhi1 dao4 is like "savoir" and "wissen", whereas ren4 shi2 is like "connaître" and "kennen"


你知道吗 do you know 너 아니?

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