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Streak Lost again...despite 100% completing Daily Goal.

I guess this is mainly aimed at Moderators/Duolingo Staff.

I know a lot of people seem to post this, but this has happened to me a number of times now, and although a streak isn't THAT important (quite demotivating, however, as I've read others have felt also), it's just frustrating that it keeps ending even though I complete my Daily Goal and then check the day after and it's gone...

I've sent bug reports before but had no genuine response and nothing has changed or done about it. You only need to type "streak lost" into the Discussion search bar and you get endless posts and comments about people losing their streaks when they definitely complete their tasks every day (some people may have fallen asleep also haha :P).

Yet, nothing gets done about it at all which isn't good at all! There isn't even a direct support email address to contact Duolingo...again, people have made posts about this also! Why is this? It's quite poor because the bug reporting system isn't great and isn't a viable alternative.

I definitely completed my daily goal on the 16th January (2018). I went to do my lessons yesterday (17th) but it said my streak had ended...I then completed my daily goal yesterday and it even showed that I had completed my goal on the 16th! I have screenshots to prove this...

I've attached a link at the end of the post to the screenshots (as there is no attach file option here...again, I don't see why) which I hope works! I've tested it and it seems to! You can see I was doing my lessons on Tuesday (16th), with the dates of the screenshots shown, and also that on Wednesday (17th) after completing the daily goal it shows that Tuesday was complete!

Please can this be fixed. Moreover, can my streak be fixed? I don't see why not or why it shouldn't be!

I just want to say, that I love the app and my Spanish especially has improved a lot since using it! It's a really good app, with a great structure and has lots of useful (and also strange and less useful haha) phrases. I just wish that it wouldn't keep glitching and ending my streak :( I see these people with insane streaks and I can't even get close because Duolingo keeps failing for me.


January 18, 2018



I see what you mean even though this hasn't happened to mean.

Guys, upvote this so it gets regonized please.


The other day my router was being wonky and the phone was not updating to the desktop app. After restarting the router it synced up.

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