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Lesson repetitions

I'd really like to be able to see how many times (if any) I've repeated each lesson. That would allow me to quickly check what lessons I've had more trouble with, which I guess can be useful information for everybody.

Also it would be nice if you got extra points for finishing a lesson in only one try. ^^

March 18, 2013



I don't agree with extra points for finishing a lesson in only one try, and that is why: When people fail to finish the lesson, they are usually a little disappointed and upset. They don't get any points at all. Plus, they would now lose the chance to get extra points for finishing in one try. The disappointment would be greater. I think many learners need some encouragement when they fail. Of course I don't mean giving points for failing, but some hint that it's ok to make mistakes and repeat the lesson.

Just a thought, though.


I see what you mean, but I think that's a pessimistic approach. When I'm starting a lesson, if I know there's some kind of reward for finishing in one try, I'll probably feel more motivated, even if the reward is only a few skill points. If I need some repetitions and I don't get those extra points... well, it's no big deal anyway, right? Feeling "disappointed" for such a thing would be a bit sad, in my opinion. You might argue that feeling motivated for such a thing is also sad, but hey... that's the spirit of games. And that's what this is - a learning game.

Just my 2 cents, though. ;P

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