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Timed practice not giving NEARLY as much time as it used to

It's really frustrating. And in German they only give 17 xp even if you get it all right.

I really feel like duolingo has been falling apart recently. Don't get me wrong, duolingo is still the best FREE language learning site by FAR.

Proof that duolingo is falling apart:




This one sums it all up https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25929989

January 18, 2018



I receive those uneven drills quite a bit and often get 17 or 18 questions in timed drills instead of the full 20.

Also, I just did the Catalan course and got the exact same phrase tons of times... very strange haha. It was just "És un mitjó. És un mitjó. És un mitjó. És un mitjó. És un mitjó." Over and over and over again.

I'm grateful for Duolingo but a couple of things make it slightly harder to use such as lack of notifications working on the site and mistakes in courses that they have not corrected despite receiving reports for it.


I know what you mean


Recently I've only been doing the Swedish timed exercises, but they seem to give plenty of time--no different from other trees. That's using a laptop computer. Sometimes timed exercises will give fewer than 20 questions, although right now Swedish is not. The variability may have something to do with A/B testing.


Your second and third link are repeats. I will admit I was skeptical of this "Duo only gives 17 xp" thing until I just did a German practice in animals. I received 18 questions, missed one, so that was 17. Interesting. I think we need to file a bug report.

Edit: Bug report, not big report.

Edit #2: I tried to go back and edit my post. The edit didn't save. Well, there's proof. This is why we copy and paste our posts before we try to save them.

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