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What is the difference between these words?

Mange, mangent, mangez, mangeons, manger; lance, lancons; court, courons, cours. I'll edit this in a sec cause I need to see what else. Thanks if you can tell me the difference. French is amazing and confusing!!

January 18, 2018



Its just the different ways to conjugate the verbs. Je mange = I eat, Ils/Elles mangent = they eat, Vous mangez = You (formal) or you guys eat, Nous mangeons = We eat, Tu manges = You eat, and manger = to eat. Every verb is conjugated depending on which pronoun you use. Some verbs have special conjugations, to see the different conjugations for the verbs use: http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french.html.


they all have different ending but manger ( to eat) and courer(to run) They have different endings because they are different ill give examples to make it understandable Je mange ( i am eating) is only used when je, elle , or il are before Vous mangez(you are eating) is only used when you say vous. vous is you but formal. Nous mangeons( we are eating) is only used when your talking about a group Je manger(i am going TO EAT) manger means TO EAT! you only add ER when your going to add TO to the sentence! Hope i helped .


It would be "Je vais manger" for I am going to eat not "Je manger."


Click here for info on verbs. It is a list of words you are likely to initially come across.

It includes the verb: manger : to eat.

You may also find it worthwhile to read: Le premier pas - the first step

Also, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for and really reading the "Tips and Notes" that appear in each shill.
i.e. Tips and Notes Basics 1

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