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Do you prefer timed practice or not, and why? Thanks my friends. Ed, UK. Learning German

January 18, 2018



I like timed practice but not the fact that, if you get a couple of things wrong, the time runs out very quickly. Also, small typos, even in English, count as wrong answers, which does not seem the point of the exercise.


I don't prefer the timed practice, because my % go down.


It does matter the percentage at the end of the day what matters is our mastery of the language we are learning. but i see what you mean. there is no better feeling than dishing higher percentage profeciency to someone ;-) thanks telpi


timed it makes it more challenging.


Thanks: may be at a more advanced stage.


Although regular practice is more relaxing.


Sometimes I do, because I don't have too much time to practice or just to challenge myself. But when I do have time, I rather the normal practice, to pay attention to every detail.


Very wise and useful. Thanks :-)


Kein problem bro!

[deactivated user]

    No, I prefer the regular practice. I get the idea but I don't like to rush things up.

    That said I occasionally do a timed practice.

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    Apparently I don't type fast enough so I don't get very far when I try timed practice. But like Nuno275251 I do try it every once in a while.

    [deactivated user]

      I love the timed practice. I don't struggle with typing quickly and accurately, so it works for me. Timed practice doesn't give you time to think, you have to know the answer and type it. This is how I find out how much I've learned and retained. It's okay for the percentage to drop as long as I practice and gain it back.


      It's tougher but it's good practice.


      How did you get 1013 lingots?


      I did by collecting them over a long period of time and spent some more though! Thanks for teh answer. Tschuss


      I rarely use timed practice. I prefer to focus on strengthening my language skills rather than speeding up my typing skills. I supplement my language learning by using resources outside of Duolingo to speed up and improve my speaking, listening, reading, and writing comprehension.


      Very intelligent answser and a useful one. Thanks

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