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  5. "Mám mladou babičku."

"Mám mladou babičku."

Translation:I have a young grandmother.

January 18, 2018



You used the wrong word. Meaning: I have a young grandmother.

The correct solution is only visible at this page.


I do not understand what you are saying. What was wrong?

That also concerns your previous comment about the Type what you hear. Consider asking in the Trouble shooting forum instead. We do not develop the UI. Be sure to have your screenshots at hand.


I answered wrong, but the system didn't provide me with the correct answer. It just stated, that I used the wrong word.

I thought this was the right place to report errors, but I'll try the "Trouble shooting forum" next time.


Duo Lingo tells me that 'mam hladou babicku' is correct, meaning 'I have a young grandmother', but 'hlada' is slovak, I think. Czech should be mlada, no?


Duo probably rated that as a typo, it's just one letter off after all. If this was a "type what you hear" exercise, the information that you have a typo there isn't displayed.

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