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I'M A NEW MEMBER ( sort of )

Well I just signed up again today the last time I've been on Duolingo is back in the 7th grade. But I do not remember a lot of things that you can do on this website so can you guys refresh my mine about this website?


January 18, 2018



I'm fairly new as well. If you think about it, the only thing that you really NEED is on the home page, where all of the courses are. If you want to venture out to other places, I would just forget about it, because a lot of websites are difficult to navigate if you know what I mean. This is all I know pretty much, so I'll keep an eye on here too!


Immersion and activity are gone, but we now have achievements, stories, labs, events, and a lot of Asian languages have been added too. :)


i am learning french to but i do not remember very much because i am only level three in french. i also do Spanish and Chinese and i just started Italian. i also gave u a lingot.

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