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To the guys who want lingots, friends, and chicken nuggets!

If you want lingots earn them or think of something useful we might need to know about language learning that will make us disposed to give you them!

If you want friends, make friends. Go on discussions and find people and follow them. Maybe they will follow you back. Post insightful comments on discussions so people get an idea of your language learning interests. [These people will be on your leaderboard. It's nice to have some near your achievement level to encourage you to further your XP.]

If you want chicken nuggets or want to talk about them and a hundred other meaningless things on Duolingo go make some or buy them or have a discussion in a language you are learning about them instead of plain socializing!

If you want dislikes ask for these things on the discussion thread. Your posts will disappear quickly! A few dislikes and it's gone. If you want dislikes and to keep your post up there you will need likes. [Saw someone heeding for a million dislikes! I disliked of course! The post disappeared.] Nevertheless moderators delete useless posts.

January 18, 2018


[deactivated user]

    That's the downside of Duolingo's gamification aspect... It attracts a lot of spammers/trolls that are only interested in lingots and friends... and will basically never learn a language.

    Take an upvote.


    Thank you for this post.

    Also, to the chicken nugget spammers, look, everyone wants chicken nuggets. Go to your local fast food place or grocery store to get them. As awesome as Duolingo is, the lingot store doesn't have chicken nuggets yet.


    I'm a vegetarian though :)


    Chicken nuggets are gross, honestly. Never again.


    Yeah! Hi! I like nuggets because I don’t eat them very often.:) I also love Duolingo it helps me a lot


    YES!! You are sooooo right! Thanks for this, everyone should read this. I lingot you


    Interesting. The chicken nugget part is funny!


    very true... here have a lingot :)


    i had a hungry jack's today,so... o_o it had NO chicken nuggets. You should have read and followed mine. it was a bit like yours.


    I saw a post asking for downvotes, and it ended up with +8 LOL

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