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Choice of Audio Only Initially on translations?

I am doing French/Beta and when asked to translate to English both the audio and a written version appear. I thought it might be worthwhile having only the audio initially in order to attempt a translation........the written version available if necessary and only a click away.

I now drape a newspaper over the screen but it has to lifted in order to have a repeat and then the written version is hard to avoid!

July 1, 2012



There are listening challenges in the lessons where you have to do this. Since the source is text for the translations its more true to show you that, don't you think? Perhaps for translating videos or audio files they will have audio only (oooohhh can't wait until they have videos to translate!!!)


@Laura.....I find that hearing and understanding when someone speaks French the most challenging part! I really want to maximise the opportunities to listen. I was only refering to the 'lesson' element with my suggestion.

Have you had a look at the BBC French language website? There are opportunities to 'listen' and learn a few idioms that may be helpful.


I totally agree with this, I really want to have the option to learn (in the lessons and not in the translations section) with just the audio, currently I have to close my eyes or turn my head away from the screen to see if I can interpret Spanish from audio. I know that there are already questions that have the audio only, however, these are questions where you are not translating into English (as such) you are just writing what is said, I would love to see the same, but where you have to translate the spoken phrase into Spanish!

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