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"They took everything from us."

Translation:Vzali nám všechno.

January 18, 2018



Can I say "Vzali si od nás všechno?" / "Vzali si všechno od nás?"


The meaning is slightly different. "Vzali nám všechno." means they stole everthing we had.

"Vzali si od nás všechno." means they took from us everything we gave them.

"Vzali si všechno od nás." stresses "od nás" and should be pronounced with these words stressed. It means that everything they took they took from us, not from somebody else. And we gave it.


I understand. But how do I recognize these differences in the original english sentence? Regarding your comment it seems to me that my translation "Vzali si od nás všechno?" (not accepted) goes even better with it.


I second this 3-year-old question. How to know from the English sentence that the Dative is required (or preferred) here?

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