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Need A1 certification for Au Pair job

I got a job as an au pair in Germany and I want to take the test soonish, I've been practicing every day using duolingo, goethe institute's apps and study guides, ActiLingua free study resources and I wanted to look over what's going to be on the test and when I could take it I was really hoping there would be a cheap online test but all I can find are either tests after taking a formal course, that costs a fair amount money, or a test that costs $130 that I would have to travel a couple hours to take. Does anyone know where I can take a test for cheaper, or something else I can offer as proof that I speak enough German for the Migrant Office? Thanks in advance

January 18, 2018



An official test is going to cost money. For Goethe - the most recognised, A1 is the cheapest at 100 Euros.

https://www.goethe.de/ins/de/de/prf/pre.html https://www.goethe.de/ins/de/en/prf/pre.html

If you want a less official/cheaper test, many language schools will offer a test to grade you for entry, generally for free if might be starting a course there. I don't know how strict your A1 requirement is, so not sure what you will need. It's possible a quick demonstration of A1 proficiency is enough for the agency (e.g. Introducing yourself, small talk about the weather).


I was also told that giving proof that you took a german class counts, but I never took a formal class only online free classes. I am currently unemployed with only enough miles to get the plane ticket there and very little actual cash, so 100 Euros is out of the question. If I tried "use an entry test for a language program" will they charge me for classes or do I have to officially sign up for their classes?


Search like this: "what is my level in german". Google finds a lot of free tests. Example: http://www.gls-german-courses.de/2449.html

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