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German Club to promote a long streak.

Hello, I have started a club for members who aspire to have a long streak. I know that personally getting and keeping a streak on Duolingo has improved my consistency in language learning.

So, here is the code 2CFDFS

Only 1 guideline: if a member seems to be inactive they will be asked to leave the group. This is done because it is a group to promote a long streak.

I hope that this may help someone on their quest .

January 18, 2018



Ich mag die idee. Ich bin schon in einem club, dem nett mitargleider hat. Herzlichen gluckwunsch zu 1 jahr


So where do I enter that code? I'm on day 57 and love the streak motivation!


bummer - you can't do it on the computer, only the ipad or phone. by the time i logged in, the group was full. oh well, next time :)

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