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After nearly a year, I've finished my tree!

This is the moment I've been waiting for, for nearly an entire year since I registered on Duolingo with this account:

I can hardly express how happy I am!!!

About ninety-five percent of my tree is still golden, since I have a little bit of strengthening to do in the middle of the course.

I did not find the German course difficult at anytime during the tree, really. The tips and notes section explained a lot of the hard grammar concepts very well, and I absolutely have loved the course itself!! I can now read a lot of sentences in newspapers (in German), I can write some sentences, and I could hold a conversation too!!

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me along the way!!! You know who you all are ;)

Thank you for this opportunity!

January 18, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Congratulations on your achievement! It is indeed a nice feeling receive the golden owl after such a long journey.

    And now we can already say Physik liefert eine Erklärung für manche Ereignisse. Good grief, I'm so tried of this sentence appearing on my practice exercises...

    Have a lingot.


    Thank you so much!! Congratulations on having that really long streak :D

    Also, that sentence has appeared a lot for me too! Any idea why? :D

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you.

      Any idea why?

      Algorithm mysteries...

      Maybe that module (I think it's Present 4) is short on sentences so they have to repeat it again and again.


      Hmm, maybe. I'm glad that I'm not the only one experiencing this. :)

      [deactivated user]

        Have you done the stories already?


        No, not yet. I should do those, so thanks for the idea!!!


        Congratulations!! I know when I finished my tree, it felt like I could do anything.


        Yes, it does feel that way for me too. :)


        Congratulations Everdella! That's an amazing achievement and you should be proud of it!

        Good luck with your German studies! :)


        Aww, Woof!!!

        It means so much that you commented!! Thanks for being such an inspirational and motivational person!! Have a lingot :D


        Well done and keep up your German!!!


        Ausgezeichnet! :)


        Danke! :)

        Have a lingot, your such a big inspiration to me!


        Awww....thank you. :) I see that you are reading German....have you considered other steps for improving your German? Chris


        Congratulations Everdella!!! Proud of you


        Herzliche Glückwünsche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        good luck on your further journeys!!


        Congratulations! "Ich sprechen schlecht Deutsche" now and I thank you for your inspiration. Now I know it's possible! Again, great job.


        Not being judgmental, just wanting to help you improve the way many helped (and still do) me. "Ich spreche nun schlechtes Deutsch." Keep up the good work, in no time, "du wirst gutes Deutsch sprechen" :)


        Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!


        Gut gemacht!

        Getting that golden owl is a pretty satisfying feeling, and I wish you all the best with the rest of your German learning journey.


        Gut gemacht und herzlichen Glückwunsch!


        Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Everdella. Der deutsche Baum ist sehr lang und schwierig. Viel Vergnügen beim Reverse Tree und bei den künftigen Ausflügen in die deutsche Sprache. Doch für heute gilt CELEBRATION TIME !!! Enjoy the fine taste of success ;-)


        Derlei klingt fürwahr toll. But the proof of the pudding is still in the eating, so when I just read over your line

        and I could hold a conversation too

        I figured it might be rather helpful to ask you to put your new capabilities to use. First, Duolingo is a good starting point in language learning, but it is not a sufficient ending point [yet] (yes, even at the end of the trees). So I would like to kindly urge you to find a German-speaking "Tandempartner" to communicate with in person or via the internet. That way you could improve your German little by little based on what you already know. Sounds great? Sounds great! And -- well, please keep it up! I generally love it when people learn foreign languages, and I love it when they interact with or as foreigners, making the world a bit more understanding.

        (Other than that I cannot comment on your improvements -- I have been at Duolingo just a fortnight or so, so I have never been able to follow your progress so far. This may sound a bit brusque, but that's definitely not the way I inten... oh, look, what's flying over there, a pink elephant!).


        congratulations! German is killing me. I just don't get it. Tips and notes? How am I missing those? Need to find them because I need the help. But seriously, congratulations.


        I think they're only available on the website but I could be wrong.

        Danke!!! Have a lingot :D


        Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

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