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What is going on with the Chinese course?

The Chinese course has been long awaited in duolingo, and it's out there for a while now. I thought there was a problem with my phone when I first started trying that out, but it actually doesn't give you any of meanings of the logograms mean! what is the use of memorising some symbols and how they are pronounced if you don't have any clue of what they mean? I can't concieve the course was meant to be that way, and so I wait for it to improve, can any of you gimme a better idea of what's going on? is there a problem with my phone after all? lol

January 18, 2018



Later on in the lesson it will teach you what they mean.


Well, teaching/learning Chinese characters is no simple task. I am not saying that is the best way to do it, but the principle behind their methodology is probably: having you learn how to recognize a character, associate it with meanings and sound is a lot of information to be memorized all at once. So, let's teach one aspect first, and others later.

I used this principle myself, but just like you said, when I first started studying Japanese, I also felt more comfortable studying the characters and their meanings in isolation first, and only later on tackling pronunciation and other aspects. It worked for me, but the drawback is that it takes much longer for you to actually start using the actual language.

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