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Incomplete Lessons?

Within the last week, I have come across numerous lessons which do not teach all of the words / kana / grammar points that the claim to.

Transportation lesson two, for example, does not teach カナダ、オーストラリア、ロシア、つもり、or たい.

I did this lesson on both the website and the Android app; both had seven unique questions. On the website, it presented itself as a lesson where, once all the unique questions were correctly answered, one sentence was repeated until a set number of questions were completed. On the app, it presented itself as a short lesson.

Are these lessons just incomplete? Or is something else going on?

January 19, 2018



By definition everything in beta, which this course is, must be incomplete. They are working on full development. It’s pretty sparse, agreed.

I’m happy to have it, but I don’t think they should roll out beta courses live to the world. It gives a mistaken impression about Duolingo’s capabilities and coherence,


Sentences for those words are in the lesson. What you encountered is a long-existing glitch in the the system. It's been around for at least six months, but probably longer. I don't know if the programmers are too busy to fix it, can't find what's causing it, or just don't care, but the moderators certainly cannot fix it, at least. If it's any consolation, the sentences should appear upon "review".

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