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How to Conjugate the 4 most used French Verbs; Avoir, être, faire, and aller.

First note: All 4 of these are irregular verbs. That means they conjugate independent from the conjugation system. You have to memorize the way the verbs work.

Je- I Tu- You (informal) Il/Elle/On -He/She/One (Reason they are together is because verbs conjugate the same way for them Nous- We Vous- You (formally or plurally, like "you guys") Ils/Elles- They

Avoir- To have (Most used verb in the french language) J'ai Tu as Il/Elle/On a Nous avons Vous avez Ils/Elles ont Note that to say "I have", you would put J'ai instead of Je ai because two vowels can not be next to each other. être- To be Je suis Tu es Il/Elle/On est Nous sommes Vous êtes Ils/Elles Sont

Faire- To make, to do Je fais Tu fais Il/Elle/On fait Nous faisons Vous faites Ils/Elles font

Aller-to go Je vais Tu vas Il/Elle/On va Nous allons Vous allez Ils/Elles vont

If you have questions, please feel free to ask! Please Follow my discussion. I have taken French for 3 years and I will help anyone if they need it in French.

January 19, 2018



Could you add other verb forms, e.g. subjunctive forms?


Could you add line breaks, je suis muy confused


took some time to break the paragraphs up up but this is a much clearer explanation than anything else i've found, merci beaucoup!

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