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When will there be more German Duolingo stories?

I just dicovered the German Duolingo stories a couple of weeks ago. I found them an awsome way to complete your daily goal and understand how German is spoken on a day-to-day basis. However I have been wondering when more stories will come out as that would be very cool!

January 19, 2018


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I loved the stories. But I bet it took a lot of effort to get the ones they do have. I have thought about trying to write and offer some stories but since I do not do any coding, it wouldn't probably be much help to Duo.


I've been on Duolingo for four years, and the single most exciting advancement I've seen has been the introduction of the stories. I noticed that Spanish and Portuguese have some new stories. Guess we German learners just have to be patient.


I love the stories. I did some from French, German and Spanish. It is a bit disappointing to read the same stories in three different languages, but since they are in an early stage it is understandable that they would not reinvent the wheel for every language. Reading them in your own language (German) gives you a hint about how much energy they put into the topic.

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    They're the same for all languages? Had no idea... Well, they save on the screenwriters.


    There are some changes in the stories between languages to make them more suited to the target language; also some stories I have only seen in one language (French, German), but since I haven't completed them all yet it could be that some are from later on.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes indeed...

      Only now have I found out that the stories for other courses are also available. I can see those for Portuguese, Spanish and French too...


      some of the stories in different languages are different. I have only done the German stories because i want to work on getting that one high

      [deactivated user]

        Well, we have 20 stories already which is enough to keep us entertained for a while. And you can also redo them... you always pick something new...


        Sadly I don't know, but I only just discovered them and they're great! I usually just use the phone app which I don't think has access to them. And it's hard learning much conversational stuff on the app. So hopefully they'll bring out some more soon!


        They're extremely new, and an awesome surprise. Seeing also that there are only Stories in four languages, even more when they're in the labs, so test features that could be taken off any moment, I find myself lucky to even have them at all. Then again, I too hope this amazing idea will be carried out further, for our chosen tongue and all others.

        Viel Glück :)


        I also would love to have more German stories could you put some more up as soon as possible it makes me think in german Danke Ruth payne

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