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Shorter strengthening lessons?

I usually do ten strengthening lessons a day (100 points). It used to be that each one was 20 questions long, then for a while it was 17. Now I've noticed that 12 seems to be the norm, with many of them being shorter. I just had 3 lessons out of 10 that were only TWO questions long?

Is this just all about ads? ie, the shorter the lessons, the faster you're back to looking at an ad? Or is it just me?

January 19, 2018



Are you only strengthening German? It's possible you have already strengthened almost all the skills, because you are in level 25.


Yes, only German. I stopped for about a month, so a lot of my skills are not at full strength.

(ty for the response)


Well, I've never heard of this problem. Maybe you should also post this under troubleshooting because more people can help you there.


I stopped DL for almost two months then restarted in mid-November (Eng –> Ger, and Ger –> Eng). Both trees had many non-gold skills. In re-strengthening (completed yesterday) I cannot remember any unusually short sessions.


I had two short German strengthening sessions yesterday. I think they were no more than five or six questions each. I'd never encountered that before.

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