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Something i need help with.....

So , i found my other self on Duolingo . It says follow in a white oval shape button and i pressed follow then i went to my leaderboard and my other self has the same xp as me . This is confusing , please if you know what's going on , please comment . Thanks.

January 19, 2018



This can sometimes happen due to holographic instabilities in the multiverse resonating with the ultra-low frequencies of Duolingo's bug-fixing. I suggest you try not to interact with your other self, as doing so could rip a hole in hyperspace that sucks all the matter and energy in the observable universe out into a dimensionless abyss, which would likely delay the release of the Hindi course, amongst other things.


Oh my god, here's ten lingots.


I also once followed myself on accident. It's a glitch that doesn't really do anything except show yourself twice on your leaderboard and make yourself part of your followers list.


You can follow yourself on Doulingo, it's a glitch that's been around for a while.

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