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Is there a way to see all vocab you have learnt so far?

So i've recently started the Chinese course and I noticed that there's no easy way for me to see all the words/vocab i've come across so far. For the moment I've been writing down every word I've learnt to make flash cards but it's not easy to categorize words on paper. Is there a list somewhere that I'm missing?

January 19, 2018



Missing word page difficulty – possible temp fix:

User testmoogle discusses a similar problem in “Where is the 'Words' tab on Japanese?” (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25496012)

If studying more than two languages (including one with a working words page ex. Spanish), you can induce a word page in Chinese.

For example using Spanish to produce Chinese word tab help:

Step 1. Switch to Spanish course. Step 2. Click "Discussion". Step 3. Duplicate tab. (So you now have two tabs on Spanish course viewing the Discussion page.) Step 4. Current tab: Switch to Chinese. (Can close this tab once it loads.) Step 5. Other tab: Click "Words".


Thank you so much :)


Go to Words, the button is on the left of the Discussion button.


they don't have that in the Chinese course

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