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Keyboard Capitalization Issue Using Google Keyboard on Android Mobile

I use Google Keyboard (GBoard) on my phone, and for some reason when I am in the Duolingo App, I am forced to hold down the shift key to capitalize letters, as opposed to being able to hit it once and then enter the letter. So for example, to type "H" I need to hold "Shift + H" rather than hitting "Shift", letting go, then hitting "H". This issue is not specific to the Google Keyboard, as it does not have this issue in other apps or when texting.

Does anyone know why this is, and if it can be fixed? It makes the app much less accessible to use, particularly in German when all nouns are capitalized.

Someone else has also reported this problem, and mentioned that Duolingo is one of the apps that present an issue (https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/websearch/PwmkmR7MniI;context-place=forum/websearch).


January 19, 2018



I can confirm the issue (latest Duolingo & GBoard, Android 6.0.1) although it happens rather intermittently on my phone. You might try double tapping the Shift key instead of holding it though, I personally find it easier.

EDIT: Just happened again, in the middle of a lesson.


I have this issue as well, on both Nougat (7.0.0) and KitKat (4.4.2). I tend to switch between Swiftkey and Gboard, so when I use Duolingo, I only use Swiftkey. Word suggestions/predictions don't work on Gboard either, when I need to type in the language I'm learning, although it works perfectly when typing in English.

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I have no problems like that (Nexus 5, android 6.0.1 here). But I just tried so I could test it. I never type capitals in the app, mostly not even in the browser version. If you know where the capitals should go you don't really have to type them on Duolingo. It doesn't count as an error and it just feels like it's slowing the process. Of course when I type an email or some other "real" thing in German I type the capitals as they should be and have no bad habits even though I don't use them here. Happy learning.


Does anyone know why this is, and if it can be fixed?

This is an issue in the newer versions of Google keyboard on my phone with Android 7.1.1

Remove all the updates of the Gboard App on the phone via ....

  • Play store
  • My apps games
  • Uninstall
  • Remove updates

(I type all the capitals, which are needed in the courses)


I had the same issue, so I downloaded the Kika Keyboard app. It works perfectly.


Same thing here. Only happens with Duolingo. All other apps are OK.

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