"I do not cook with chili peppers."

Translation:저는 고추로 요리하지 않습니다.

January 19, 2018

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Why can't we say "저는 고추로 안 요리해요?"


It would be 요리를 안 해요. Active verbs can be broken up into the object and 하다. Descriptive verbs on the other hand can't be broken up so you'd say 안 피곤해요.




I am wondering this as well. Does anyone know?


it seems like this course doesn't have a standard for when one should use -ㅂ니다/습니다 and when one should use -요. I'm past the point where I'm apparently allowed to use 요 so why will it not let me in this particular sentence?


"저는 고추로 요리하지 않아요." is now accepted.


I'd like a better explanation of the use of -로 in this sentence. We've used -으로 for directions to mean "in this direction" or "along this path". What specifically does -로 mean here? Why not -와?


(으)로 also comes after base materials. Here, 고추 is an ingredient, or a food material. 와/과 would mean a chilli and you are cooking together.


when is only 로 added and when is 으로 added?


I think it also depends on whether there is a consonant or vowel before the -으로/로. For example, 고추 would use 로 since it ends in a vowel (ㅜ) and using -으로 wouldn't flow well. But, 과일 would require the -으로 since it ends in a consanant (ㄹ). Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong! This is just what I have picked up along my studies, I have not officially learned this.


Why is "저는 고추로 안 요리해요" marked wrong?


Most of the time it is not a problem to omit 저는, which is generally fine, but omitting it here is labelled as a mistake.


In principle we don't accept answers without a subject unless the subject is obvious.


I said 저는 고추로 안 요리합니다. I donʼt understand why this is wrong.


What's the different '저는 고추로 안 요리해요' and '저는 고추로 요리하지 않습니다'?

Asked 2021.02.09


In an earlier comment josueetcom says it would be 요리를 안 해요 as active verbs can be broken up into an object and 하다 . I think the two you have written differ in their formality levels as well. I was never taught this though , it's what I picked up so far - so take it with a pinch of salt.


Yeah!hate those chillies!!!

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