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Why Do My Lessons Frequently Act as Practices?

Often, when I'm trying to do a German lesson, the lesson acts as a practice exercise. Even though I have never seen or heard a particular word before, the new words are not yellow and I'm expected to spell an unfamiliar word from listening exercises or translate an English sentence into German. I am not accidentally testing out. I've had this problem for a quite a while; refreshing the page or quitting a lesson to go back and restart it do not seem to help.

January 19, 2018



Hopefully, you received my last post? But in case not, try not to let it bother you when unfamiliar words appear. It happens to us all at one time or another. Try your best. If it's rejected, make note of the correction that's given. Learn from it so that next time you will be able to give the right answer. You're not being timed and if you make any mistakes, it will keep repeating the ones you've missed until you get it right. This is one way you will learn new words. Also, I wouldn't waste anymore time restarting/ refreshing your page since it will cause you to lose all the work/ points you had accomplished up that point in that particular lesson.** and phopkins is right too- in some cases you can tap onto the words you don't know and it will give you the answer.


I keep google translate (I have the app on my iphone and my Kindle) handy when this happens. It is not just German. It has happened in Hebrew, Welsh and a few other languages. I think it is designed to make you think about the word without knowing before hand what it means. Maybe see if you can nuke it out, see what fits. Maybe if you can get the gist of the word from the sentence structure.

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