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  5. "Olha as árvores, freia!"

"Olha as árvores, freia!"

Translation:Watch the trees, brake!

March 18, 2013



"Look out for the trees, brake!" might be a better translation in context?


Yep, or watch out would fit too.


English is strange sometimes. "Look out for the trees." could mean, "Care for the trees", (like maybe don't hit them.) But you better not pay too much attention to the trees but rather look out for the roadway, and stay on it (cause the trees are going to try and stay put where they are.) I have questioned why they are using an imperative command form but always use the present indicative form and then give the English answer in the imperative manner.
And thanks for all your insightful comments. This is what I like best about Duolingo and I would like to see more of this interactions from the Portuguese-speaking community.


Yep... thats really good. We learn a lot when digging deeper ;) gud to know u are used to reading them... sometimes there are some divergences, and the best is helping to improve...


They should hire you to fix the Portuguese lessons. Why are you doing Portuguese? Just to try and help them fix their errors? Have you noticed they have fixed any of the errors you have submitted? Also, in your profile it should read "I am a Portuguese native speaker who wantS to improve MY English and Spanish and learn French!" Hope that helps!!! Will you be my Portuguese teacher em vez de Duolingo? Rsrsrs


Hire me? Heheh.... no.... im not that good... sometimes, when i am fed up with he french lessons, i take the portuguese ones :) but i spend some time on portuguese in order to help learners.... mainly because there are many mistakes in Portuguese section. And i havent nocticed the mistake on my profile, ill fix that right away :)... thx for the tip!! And, if you need any help , just ask.


Brake? I've never heard anyone say brake. You would just say stop... This one should be fixed.

[deactivated user]

    Have you not heard of a "brake" of a car?


    This is a great way to guarantee that the tree collision will happen.

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