XP contest

You may work in teams, no more than 3 people per team. Competition starts on Saturday, January 20, 2018 (12n US Eastern Time). Make sure to announce your team name before then. If you would like to work alone, mention that when you enter. Submission fee for this contest is 0 lingots, this a FREE contest. It ends on Saturday, January 27, 2018 (12n US Eastern Time). Follow me so that I can track your XP to determine winners. I will not be participating in this contest (to be fair).


1st Place: 30 lingots

2nd Place: 15 lingots

3rd Place: 5 lingots


NapstaBlooky (alone)

KariBrie (alone)

Marie973350 (alone)

Tong33 (alone)

alleycat1502 (alone)

Team AngryMongoose: AngryMongoose, Maeve362467, Alex Smart

50 Shades of Awesome: Robert-4-Christ, Haley_Rose2, ninjareese1, lion-of-Death (REMEMBER, YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 3 PEOPLE PER TEAM)

black lions: King_of_Beasts

Team SnoopDragons: NoBTplz, CaK9x, F1shlegs

January 19, 2018


Great job Team SnoopDragons and 50 Shades of Awesome!

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which teams do you have

I woukd like to enter alone please..

What is the difference between team and singel?

With a team, all of your XP from your team is combined together into one score.

Final Results:

1) Team SnoopDragons

2) 50 Shades of Awesome

3) KarieBrie

thank you frenchcaroline and f1shlegs....u guys are awesome...!!!

Yay go team! Congrats :)

Duolingo is something new for me, but i think I'l join this XP contest

May I join??? Please and thanks????

Could I enter? I want to be alone...

Yes, ok I'll mark that down.

I WANNA HAVE A TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I enter aI would like to be on a team please thank you Maeve

can I be on Angery mongoose and Alex smart

Can I be on fifty shades of awesome teams?

ill be there... lol...

Are you going to participate in the contest?

You should comment under his comment and friend him so he sees.

27 jan is my birthday, i think i will win... :)

just kidding

only about the winning part

nice well happy early birthday

Happy early Birthday!!

anybody who wants to team up with me in the team "SnoopDragons" is welcome... :)

Can I join team snoop dragons instead

Sure, please add me too!

welcome everyone and thanks for joining....we are surely gonna win now

Wow, I would love to join, but I do not think I would get very far on my own, does anyone want to be on a team with me?

I think I'l be alone

The contest is now going to start at the coming of the new week. It makes it simpler for everyone and will end at the end of the week.

Not exactly good style to change the rules after the original starting point. I guess I'm out, please take me off the list.

Ok, but what's the rules?

Nah. Your picture makes me think of Charles Manson. Too creepy, dude

why is susan atkins talking like that

You want to be on a team with me????

What's the team name?

You Haley girl, are we a team?

IDK, if so you can pick the team name......

what's ur xp anyways????

Ik, the team name can bee: 9gag

Ehh, if you ceep lazing, it will only be 130 xp. Hehe

Bub What are you doing

is it a type of language????????

No, there are no language restrictions in this contest.

if you would like to be on my team then comment below and friend me, I will pick the team based on how much XP people do each week, the Team name will be: Fifty Shades of Awesome. or for short: The FSOA.

can I be on Robert-4-Christ team please???

to save time please post your weekly XP on the comment below

Just remember guys, 3 people per team.

I want to take part, please (alone)

Alright so what exactly am I supposed to do for this competition

hey ninjareese1 if you don't remember me, I was Xx_ShadowWeb_xX how ya doing??

Just rack up as many XP points as possible.

id like to enter with a team. black lions

Why did you change???? is it because you like black panther better??? i like the black panther.

I looooooooooove black panther. plus he looks awesome in the movie!

all join on Robert-4-Christ and ninjreese, if that's OK with them?

thats OK we me lion-of-Death I do not know if thats OK with Robert-4-Christ?

I'd love to join! I'm alone

What language is this XP contest??

yes........any..........only xps matter............

don't you understand

Not really.... Can you explain?

No updates will be posted, just the final result next Monday.

I had a really tough time giving out prizes, it wouldn't keep the right number on there so I have only a slight idea of what all of the winners got. Sorry if any of you guys got less than what I said, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Comment if you join

Can we have a new XP contest?

Just create your own....

Go to discussion and on the corner in the right it say NEW DISCUSSION in a green box, click it and then title the post "XP competition" Use the same layout this person used......Got it???

I want it with all you guys

Okay I don't know how you would do that but, I think If you put up an XP competition you would get more people, also you could include the people's names that were involved in this one and hopefully they will see it...

But how can I give the peoples that diamond or gem things?

yeah in 4 mins......when school ends.....

No.....just a bf goes to a diff school.....

Do you have Snapchat?

What is your username?

ok but isn't you 02?

02= people who was born in 2002

Yeah. You are older than me nothing to be afraid of. Which country?

Hmmmmm I don't know. But I live in Norway so it is really far away from you. If you watch my snap map you can see it. I am not kidding

Ehem can you add tamnag04? Everybody can see what we are saying

yeah in 4 mins......when school ends.....

Haley, if you had added me you have to wait untill friday. Then I can add you.

My friend Alex already added you but its fine.....

Ok Thanks. :) Is it your boyfriend? Don't be afraid I have a girlfriend.

Thank you for making me and Alex....."friends". He is a realy cool guy

Yeah....He told me about it on the bus....

About you being friends.....

Oh and what did he say?

That your friends.....nothin much.....

Alex told me that you do not have snapchat nor instagram :-)

can i enter alone

I would like to enter alone please.

I would like to enter alone.

May I enter alone?

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