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We need a "My discussions" choice in the discussions...

MORE PROBLEMS! YAY! Alright, I made a discussion on something awhile back (like two weeks ago) and I forgot to follow it. I wanted to know what people said, but it was nowhere to be found. I soon realized I needed to follow it so I could keep tabs on it. I think we either need a 'My discussions' choice on discussions, or either they are automatically put on our followed discussions.

Can you fix this, Doulingo? It has annoyed me and probably others too.

Thanks in advance, Angry Mongoose

January 19, 2018



I think you can follow your own posts so they will appear in the followed list.


Yes, I did follow this one and the other one I did, but not on my first one.


You cal also search on your username.



3 hours later. It didn't work. It only showed the ones I followed.


I support that idea! It would be very helpful not to have to search through all your followed posts just to find one of your own discussions, especially as the "bell notifications" are not working for discussion reports right now.

I would also propose a tab "My comments", containing discussions where you have commented, and maybe also a tab to which you could pin posts that you like, for example the guides and tutorials, but you don't want to get notifications every time someone comments on them, because those threads are usually really busy and popular. I'm not sure what the name for that tab would be, maybe something like "Pinned discussions" or "Interested in"? I'm sure someone can come up with a better name ;)

The "search" feature could be improved, too, because even if I type the exact title of the thread I get results not containing it and I have to rely on the googling trick: "NAME site:duolingo.com". Advanced search options (like "search specific subforum", "sentences only", "words contained in titles/comments only", "posts made by specific user", "official posts by Duo") would also be very, very welcome.

I'd really like to see those features implemented, because the forums are a bit chaotic right now. It shouldn't be that hard to code them, after all, forums have existed on the internet for a very long time and most sites already use similar features.

Please upvote the main thread so this gets some attention! ;)


You speak the truth through and through :) Since the site is currently rewritten from the ground, and the forums appear still to be in the old code, let's hope some of your excellent suggestions will be implemented.


It used to be the case that you were automatically subscribed to the discussions you contributed to. You were also notified when someone answered your comments. I do hope the vanishing of these fonctions are only temporary, a part of the overhaul Duolingo is experiencing since last spring. Wait and see :)

[deactivated user]

    It used to be the case that you were automatically subscribed to the discussions you contributed to.

    It's not automatic but you can hit the green "follow discussion" button above. I've read some complaining that it isn't working for them so I don't know if that's your case too.


    When I noticed the change, thanks to a fellow Duolinguist, I made the habit to follow manually, as you say, the most interesting discussions I participate in. Yet, I'm not always notified on my email, when the fonction is turned on. But at least I have a chance to find them on the site to check on them. I mostly regret the "someone answered your post" fonction. Thanks anyway :)!

    PS: I see we are nearly streak twins! I'm so glad I found this site :)


    yes eczactly it is so annoying


    that happened to me too

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