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German course content

I find the German course has too much translating from German to English and not enough translations from English into German. What do others think?

January 19, 2018



That's been the popular opinion for all languages on DL for quite some time. You're gonna like the new skill levels feature coming up then, because they say that as you level up a skill, the sentences get a little more complex, and there's more writing in your target language. They've already started giving it to some newer users, and I think they'll be rolling it out soon (I just saw a couple updates for my DL app come in today that I haven't checked out yet, so I'm hopin'! But if that's not it, I'm not sure exactly when it's coming out.)


You might want to try the reverse course, English to German, you'll find more sentences there to put into German.


I'm ok with the present format, and I believe that it is better to understand the German first.


Duolingo uses a very good teaching method for beginners and for people, who want to brush up their school knowledge.

  1. In the course "German for English speakers" you are learning the grammar and the pronunciation. You will mostly translate from German to English and the user interface is in English.

  2. In the "reverse tree", the course "English for German speakers", you will mostly translate from English to German. The user interface is in German. And you can start to read (and write) in the German discussion forums.
    (set the microphone and sound to OFF in Duolingo's settings)

  3. In the "laddering trees" you can do "Foreign language 2" from "Foreign language 1" and reverse. If you are learning two ore more foreign languages.

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