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Animal sounds in different languages

Guau guau, nya nya, hamba hamba, knof knof and u uru uuuuu! Hear the sounds of 5 animals in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Swahili, Turkish and more!


And a slightly longer video with more animals (like frogs) but fewer languages;


Have fun! Personally I love the Japanese sounds most. Do you have a favorite language for animal sounds? :)

January 19, 2018



That was really fun to watch! I found the Korean sounds the mos onomatopaeic, and I like the russian sounds as well, because they have a folktale quality. None if the sounds really sound much like the animals they represent to me though, which makes me wonder if the sounds we give to animals has more to do with teaching children the basic sounds if our language then the animals themselves. Thanks for sharing!


It always makes me so happy to hear what sound an animal makes in another language. Before, I hadn't even realised it was different! :D


Interesting. I thought that everybody heard the same thing with some few differences. And the chicken sound in Portuguese (my mother tongue) we say "cocorocó" instead of "cu cu ru cu", at least here in Brazil.


In Polish:

dog: "hau, hau"
cat: "miau"
cat purring: "mrrrrr"
cow: "muuuu"
pig: "chrum, chrum", "kwi, kwi" (oinking)
donkey: "ija, ija"
horse (neigh): "ihaaaa"
sheep: "meee"
goat: "beee"
bird's chirping: "ćwir, ćwir"
fly or a bee buzzing: "bzzzzzz" (same as in English)
snake: "ssssss"
crow: "kra, kra"
pigeon: "gruch, gruch" (called "gruchanie")
chicken: "ko, ko, ko"
rooster: "kukuryku!" (cock-a-doodle-doo!)
turkey: "gul, gul"
goose: "gę, gę"
duck: "kwa, kwa"
cuckoo: "ku-ku"
frog: "❤❤❤, ❤❤❤"
stork: "kle, kle"

and of course:

owl: "hu-hu"



Nice! Seems sometimes one language gets it close. Gave me a smile!


Thanks for sharing this! I read an article about “animal sounds in other languages” when I was a little kid (thus before the days of Youtube!), and always found it interesting.

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