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  5. "你知道有什么好的应用吗?"


Translation:Do you know any good apps?

January 19, 2018



Do you know of any good apps? Basically the same thing, right?


And still not accepted. (reported 14/9/2018)


KX3 I honestly thought you were a moderator!


Thanks Shamshoomi, I take that as a compliment.

When I began posting comments, that was one of my intentions. However, it seems to me that the purpose of moderators is to make the learning process smoother by e.g. answering questions as best they can, and I can do that without the official title of a moderator. This was cemented by the fact that there are some helpful commentators, not by always giving 100% correct answers, because that is a claim even duolingo cannot make, but by being what I call de facto moderators such as Mr.rM (by no means the only one but just happened to be directly below now) through their friendliness, patience and tireless striving towards excellence. That is what I set out to be.

What I'd really like is to be a course contributor to help out with the backlog of acceptable translations, but I have not heard from my rather (very) brief application thus far.

This turned out to be much longer than anticipated, but thank you for reading to the end and I hope any of you reading this will, beyond the learning, come to love the language. :)


Yes in that sense, 有 (have) is the "of" here.


Reported again 31st March 2019. Still not accepted.


I don't understand how 有 functions here.


You could think of it as similar to "Do you know what apps they have?", but without the "they" in English, it becomes "Do you know what apps there are?", which is another version of the given sentence.


singular should be accepted as well






Is this a contraction of


? Is it normal to leave off the 一 when speaking informally?


Yes, and in this sentence, yes.


That's a very nice similar sounding translation of the app's name! Duolingo = dual languages. 多领国 = many neighbouring countries.


Shouldn't apps be translated as 软件. I have only ever heard Chinese use 软件 to refer to apps.


Funny in my time in both mainland and Taiwan I only ever saw "APP" for app. Pronounced ay-pee-pee unlike English. Of course my Chinese wasn't good enough to hear or read the other words for app.


I'm not sure about that, perhaps colloquially, but the definition of 软件 is software (hardware - 硬件).


So "有" (as an adjective) means "some", and "有什么" means "any", right?


Really? I'd like to hear from a native Chinese speaker on this.


I'm not a native Chinese speaker, but I will add that we see 有 meaning "some" in 有的时候.


TheMorrigan, Sololearn did not mention specifically for learning Chinese language. Duolingo is also good for learning many many other languages.


but I did. I know Duolingo is good for other languages like Danish and Swedish, but Chinese isn't like every other language. Also I've noticed many mistaken tones being used or wrong translations. I understand Chinese course is new and we gotta report those errors. But to help others learn proper and correct Chinese I recommended those apps.


What is wrong about "do you know what good apps there are"?


There's nothing wrong with it, they just haven't added that translation yet :) Keep flagging away...


"Do you know what good apps there are" is very awkward and unnatural. I don't think it should be accepted.

"Do you know which/what apps are good?"


It's not too bad, and is probably what I would say. Are you a native speaker of a mainstream flavour of English?


In my experience as a native new yorker and speaking with people from around the US, it's rare to hear someone end a question with "there are?". It sounds like something a juvenile would say or a country person with limited education. I'm not saying someone who talks that way is uneducated, but some phrases and speaking styles in the US (especially in the south) have carried over from the days when many people had limited education.

"How many cars there are?" vs.
"How many cars are there?"

It's definitely not something you hear or read often in the US.


I agree that "Do you know what good apps there are?" sounds informal, but I think is OK as a question in a conversation where some context has been established. Since this is a "Do you know....?" question, it is appropriate to keep the declaritive sentence word order on the "..." part of the question. (I'm from NJ and currently living in PA, by the way.)


"Do you know of any good apps?" Basically the same tramslation


I was marked wrong for ending with 吗 in the English to Chinese translation. Which is correct? This is very frustrating.


The preferred Chinese sentence now ends with a 吗 (4/25/20). I think the grammar goes like this:

你知道什么好的应用? = What good apps do you know?

你知道好的应用吗? = Do you know good apps?

有什么好的应用? = What good apps are there? [or, What good apps exist?]

你知道有什么好的应用吗? (The currently preferred Chinese) = Do you know what good apps there are? [or, Do you know what good apps exist?] (literal translation) = Do you know any good apps? (more natural translation, currently preferred English).

Native Chinese speakers please correct me if I'm wrong :-)


Should it also accept "Do you know some good apps?"?


I would think so, since in English the two are more or less equivalent.


"Do you know what good apps there are?" should be accepted...

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