"This is my father and mother."


January 19, 2018

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Is 和 mandatory ? I thought you could omit it in this special case


I thought the same as well


You are correct! Let'em know if it flagged ya. Cheers!


I omitted 和 and it was correct. :)


At the time of writing this, in DL it is mandatory for this question, but it should not be, and indeed is not for other similar questions, such as 'They are my older brother and older sister'.


The Explanation (lightbulb) for this chapter (Family 1) on the Skill Tree states the following: "We [...] need a measure word after 这 (zhè, this), 那 (nà, that) and 哪 (nǎ, which)".

However, translating the sentence, "This is my father and mother" as "这个是我的爸爸和妈妈" (measure word included) gets marked wrong, while "这是我的爸爸和妈妈" (no measure word) is marked right. Am I missing something, or did they just directly contradict themselves? Could someone please explain? Duolingo, this is why I have trust issues.


Hey there! You're totally right, but basically when talking about family members you don't really need a measure word just like how you don't need the word "de" behind family members (it's assumed you're talking about your own family). However, when quantifying or saying how many people are in your family, you use the measure word "kou" meaning (x amount of mouths to feed). There are a bunch of measure words, but "ge" is the default. Your answer was correct but not conversational. Trust me lol


In my own recent understanding, 个 is used after 这, 那 and 哪 when used in this way as "this person," "that person" or "which person," that is, used as a modifier. But not when used as "this is person," and so on, that is used as a pronoun. I forgot what kind of modifier or pronoun are these in English Grammar.


Yeah, but "this person" should be "这个人", right?


yeah, what they meant was "this one" and "that one" (still meaning person in may cases but depends on the circumstances)


I thought that 爸爸妈妈 was another way to say parents and doesn't require 和. Is that not right?


I guess the 我的 is needed? If you say 这是爸爸和妈妈, 我的 is not implied?Pls confirm. Thanks


I'd love to know this also. Thank you


so "that" needs "ge" but "this" doesnt?


Is the 是 mandatory?


For "<subject> is <noun>", yes. For "<subject> is <adjective>", not always. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_adjectives

Since mothers and fathers are nouns, you need it in this sentence.


I wrote exactly all the character!!!


Is it cultural or a Chinese language convention that males are listed before females? All of these exercises list males (father/ older brother/ younger brother) before females (mother/ older sister/ younger sister).


Im confusing between the start of this phrase how it can be reversed

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