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  5. "Do spiders have necks?"

"Do spiders have necks?"

Translation:Mají pavouci krky?

January 19, 2018



Why «šíje» is not accepted? Maybe it is only human's neck?


Not only humans, "swan neck" (a deformity of fingers) is "labutí šíje". A dictionary also shows examples for a dog and a horse.

I don't perceive it as a neutral word though, like "krk". It is a word you use in poetry or beletry. Or in older texts. Or when you speak about a beatuful neck of a lady. It often means the back of the neck specifically and that is hard to think about in spiders, I personally associate that with vertebrates.

It is also a translation for isthmus in geography.


"Šíje" is not a neck, it's specifically the back of the neck. (I'd say mostly of mammals). I had to look up the translation, "šíje" apparently means "a nape" in English.


It does also mean a neck as a whole.


Reading your comment, you've written it well (pointing out the old poetry books and also including the geographical term). Anyway, I was reacting to the fact that the word was not accepted and wanted to add English translation to clarify what part of human body it means nowadays.


No. It doesn´t. "Sije" means a back side of a neck...


It primarly means the back side of the neck, but it also could be in cases use to the whole neck. I.e.: Labutí šíje


"Labutí šíje" is a fixed expression. But when someone says "Bolí mě šíje," they most certainly mean it's the back of their neck that hurts.


sir_dejf, I do not write my comments, like this one, without checking a dictionary first. I suggest doing the same.



I tried: Maji krky pavouci, thinking that all the relevant information is already in the declined forms of necks and spiders, but it wasn't accepted. Does the meaning here change if you put the krky before the pavouci?


That is unusual word order with a specific meaning. When you first discussedthat some other animals have or have not necks, you can then follow up with "Mají krky pavouci?" with the meaning "Do spiders have necks?" "What about spiders, do they have necks?" If it is not accepted, I will add it.


Jako čech bych spíš řekla: Mají pavouci krk? As czech I would rather say: Mají pavouci krk?



Vždyť se může použít obojí.

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