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Hi! Trouble with pronunciation?

Okay, so I'm having a little trouble with pronunciation, and I thought you all could maybe help me! All of the courses I'm taking for like French / Spanish are all older courses, so they have the slow down option and stuff, so it's easier to learn. I know that's not an option and the Korean team is doing the absolute best they can, but I was wondering if there were any other websites to help with pronunciation. Other than Memrize. I haven't had much luck, I already tried it...

Thank you! :) Have a wonderful day!!

January 19, 2018



The best answer I can think of is a post from another user. Phopkins1 made a post about a chrome tool called "select and speak" a short while ago:


There is also a site called Forvo where natives upload audio clips to help with pronunciation. You can search for individual words, write in hangul, basic forms are usually easier to find than conjugated. They also have an app but the adds are annoying. https://forvo.com/


Did lots of pro bono recording as a native speaker of Korean as a matter of fact. Think FORVO is a really wonderful site!

Think for one to speak better, one should listen more often without any pressure at all. Thus listening to Korean news, film and drama on youtube as a continuous background music or some white noise should get one's brain and ears used to the sound. Once one's brain and ears are used to the language, one can start to speak definitely better and better as one's ears can spot even subtle points and replicate when speaking.

Any contents will help except for porns which do not say much and songs where actuals language itself is mixed up with loud music. For example, I think even some ASMR videos in Korean on youtube might also help since 1) uploaders almost always use high-quality equipments for recording 2) role play videos give foreigners give very useful info. on which Korean words/expressions are used in which context 3) you listen in a very relaxing manner since ASMR videos are for those suffering from insomnia http://bit.ly/2mRxsu4 FYI, 수다=chitchat

BTW. where are you all from? ;p


Thank you so much! I agree that, even though I love K-pop, it sometimes isn't the best for learning. Even in English, a lot of words are distorted and stretched out to make things rhyme in Pop songs. I'll try that website out!


Thank you so much!! :)

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