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Asterix et Obelix's transcription/ les sous-titres de ce film

Hi, so I have an important task to do (due to my studies) and I have to find some French transcription of the movie: Asterix et Obelix au service de Sa Majesté, i will be very grateful for every suggestion! :)

Salut! J'ai une tâche très importante (à cause de mes études) et j'ai besoin de trouver les sous-titres/ la transcription de film: Asterix et Obelix au service de Sa Majesté, je serai très reconnaissante, si vous aviez quelques conseiles comment la trouver.

January 19, 2018



A DVD with French subtitles in French should have the transcribed sub-titles in a *.srt file. So would a download, but I can't point you to one without breaking the law.

  • 1986

Amazon (US and FR) have it with English subtitles. Most likely, Netflix would have it too...


Thank you for your response, but I meant the French subtitles, it can't be any different unfortunately :(

  • 1986

If Amazon.fr has it only with English subtitles, it looks like someone will have to do the work! There are sites that do automatic translations but they are not legal copies so I cannot recommend them!


Once again, I'll look more carefully on Amazon, anyway thank you for your engagement :)

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