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Thanks from the Esperanto Community

I have to say, Duolingo has gone really far to help everyone that wants to speak a new tongue. I see a Duolingo growing as improves it content. There has been recent books in German, French Portuguese and Spanish, why not Esperanto aswell? Esperanto has been a very small language before the Lesson which was launched in 2016. Steadily, but surely, the Esperanto community began to grow and is spreading to other language learning websites. There has been increase in Esperanto videos and vlogs,teachers and more.

Paul from Langfocus who had no idea that Esperanto was a language and learnt it in 1 year. If i was Zamenhof, i would be sure damn proud to call myself an Esperantist. Dankon multe!

January 19, 2018

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One small correction, it wasn’t a very small language before Duolingo’s lesson. It is over 130 years old, the most well-known constructed language, and spoken by over 2 million people - none natively as others have noted.

There are many books available in Esperanto. Not being an afficionado of the language, I can’t give you tips on which are good and which not worth your time, but here’s a link with several:


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