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Can people please give me tips?

Hello I am Crystal Bunny and I can you guys give me tips on how to pass Intro for Japanese? I am really stuck on it!

January 19, 2018



Try Japanese Ammo with Misa. Her videos are great learning tools for Japanese! https://youtu.be/XhCBzgiIfRQ


Japanese has several writing systems. The Intro Skill in the Japanese course is teaching the sounds of the Katakana characters, Just like the Hiragana skills.


I understand that as I started learning Japanese from scratch as well. Duolingo fails to teach grammar properly and never explains the 3 different writing systems. Japanese Ammo with Misa is indeed a great learning tool. Make sure you watch the videos and take notes. Alternatively if you don't like to watch videos you can take a look at Japanese Grammar Guide from Tae Kim (Free PDF available). Understanding the grammar structures and the writing systems helps a lot. Good luck!


Ty guys! Im gonna check out that Misa thing on Friday and maybe I can tell you guys! Again ty


HEYO i checked her out and ty for the advice

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