"I am thinking of that beautiful face."

Translation:Myslím na tu krásnou tvář.

January 20, 2018



why is face here "tvar" and not "oblicej?"

April 19, 2018


I wrote, "Myslím si o tamtom krásném obličeji," and was told that that's wrong, and the correct answer is, "Přemýšlím o tamtom krásném obličeji."!

January 20, 2018


Your answer was rejected and rightly so.

The reflexive verb "Myslet si" is "think" but only in the meaning "having/expressing an opinion". See examples below:

Myslím si, že máš pravdu = I think you are right.

Myslím si o něm, že je hloupý = I think that he is stupid (My opinion of him is that he is stupid)

On the other hand "think of/about" can be translated as "myslet na" or "přemýšlet o".

January 20, 2018


I must be missing something obvious, but why "tu krásnou" when tvář is masculine?

March 9, 2018


"Tvář" is a feminine noun (pattern "píseň"). :-)

March 9, 2018


are tvar and oblicej interchangeable?

June 8, 2019


Very commonly yes. In some specific contexts tvář means a cheek, a part of a face.

June 8, 2019
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