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What does an american accent sound like?

when speaking Czech, what do Americans sound like when talking? How does it differ from a native speaker? I am aware that ř is most likely pronounced strangely, but what else?

January 20, 2018



We make all kinds of grammatical mistakes, but also mispronounce letters quite a bit. v before s is audible. Chci comes out in all kinds of strange ways, ou is often oo, but the biggest problem is putting the emphasis on the second syllable. The list goes on and on.


Czech language stresses the FIRST syllable. ;)


I guess it depends on an individual. I know people who learned Czech in two years and speak it with no accent. Zero. Nada. Mind boggled. You could not tell they were American (or foreigner of any kind) at all. The only time it showed was with a very colloquial expressions. "To je kosa" = literally "it is a scythe" but it means "it is really cold". Where they did not know what it was. And I know people who have been living there for 20+ years and have fairly heavy accent though very good grammar.

There are different struggles for different people. I see a lot of issues with Ď Ť and Ň. People are unable to relate those to sounds they know and struggle with them.


I have slight problems with Ď and Ť, but of COURSE the main problem for me is the letter ř, especially after t. I have a hard time saying that I need something, as well as the numbers 2 and 3. ESPECIALLY 2 AND 3.


the T before the ř is almost silent.


in america there are many accents. like there are people from the east cost, west coast , and the midwest. all states dont have the same accent


I am aware of that. I probably meant west coast.


I have a Midwest accent which is mostly standard. It is what you would hear on newscast and such. I agree with walkinwolk about the single letter words particularly z and v. I also pronounce them as separate sound. I am still working on the ř of course. The ch sound is most difficult when followed by certain consonants like c. I sometimes don't pronounce the e or y or e and i differently. (Kde and Kdy or nikdy and nekdy)

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