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same alphabet

i am learning chinese.i have completed just few levels when i found out that same alphabet is used twice and with different sound and meaning. it makes my work difficult.

January 20, 2018



It's hard to know what you mean without examples, but a problem that I had for a while when I started was that some vowels in pinyin are dependent on the initial consonant.

For example, i is a long sound when it comes after certain sounds like in xi, qi, ji, bi, di, ni, pi, yi but short after others, like in shi, chi, zhi, ci, zi, ri. Similarly, the u sound is fronted after alveolo-palatal initials, so xu, qu, jun are basically shorthand for xü, qü, jün.

Hope this helps.


This is because Chinese Mandarin is a tonal language.


you should accept itself. the example could be 裤子 and 短裤

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