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Stories in German

Tonight I did the first story in German. It is a very good feature of this program, and I highly recommend it. Someone put a lot of thought into it and even managed to make it funny.

January 20, 2018



I have done two sets of stories in German, and find them excellent in their pace, doability, and especially in their use of vocabulary with scroll-over hints.
Unfortunately, I have been unable to finish the second set of stories, because the Package Delivery one is not functional. When I open it, displays the first sentences of the story, without the title, without the arrow to advance, yet showing that something has already been completed. As I cannot move forward with this story, I cannot even see if a third set has been prepared.


Sorry about that. We've just fixed that story, so please give it another shot!


Hey! I've been thoroughly enjoying the new "Stories" feature of Duolingo as well. Unfortunately I face the same problem as yours. The 'Paket geliefert' keeps getting stuck after four lines of Dialogue, and I'm unable to hear anything.


I love the stories! I had already done the same ones in Spanish but ,even knowing the plot, there were still new words. It is a great addition.


i began today.and i love this method .so helpful!!


Leider ist die Story "Paket liefern" immer noch defekt. Wäre schön, es könnte sich mal jemand dieser Story annehmen und sie reparieren. Vor allem denke ich, dass man nicht weiter kommt, weil man doch alle Storys machen soll, ist aber in diesem Zustand nicht möglich.


Ich habe gerade versucht, die Geschichte zu lesen. Ja. Es ist sicherlich kaputt.


How do I get back to the German stories I have been doing. There seems no link to click. I was well advanced, and now the stories seem to be gone.


Is there a place where you can report errors in stories? There are some minor errors in the German one.

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