"Ei sunt între voi."

Translation:They are between you.

January 20, 2018

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Does this only refer to the literal meaning or can this also mean the metaphorical meaning (for example: they are the reason y'all don't get along)


To echo languagepotato (cool name!) above, I'm wondering if the answer means "between" or "among" or both.


If "voi" means two people, this is between. If "voi" means three or more people, this is among. With no context, shouldn't both be accepted? My answer "They are among you" was rejected.


I'm trying to think of the best way to answer this. I think you might be right for the wrong reason. I checked DL's tips and the chart does indeed show among as an acceptable translation; it is in fact in bold which I can only assume it is also one of the more common transliterations (DL does a terrible job explaining their tips and what certain things mean and explaining what they are trying to convey, but I digress).

Here's why I think you are wrong: I don't think the number in context for voi should determine the translation. You can have three or more people ("group") form a circle around a person/people and that person/people would be between them. Conversely, if voi stood for two people ("couple") a person/people could be walking or standing around the couple and thus be among the couple.

That's why I think your reasoning is wrong, however, I do not think you are wrong in what this sentence could mean.

If we were to consider the direct (Ei) and indirect object (voi): Ei could be another pronoun (Eu, Noi, e.g.) and the sentence would still work, in either context (between/among). If we consider voi, we know this to be plural so între's translation has to make sense. So we need a word that compares the plurals and between/among still holds. If we changed the indirect object to the singular "you": tu then the context can change again. "They are between you(s)" does not make as much sense, although you might at least argue it could make sense metaphorically: "They are between you" as in "They are between [hiring] you [and not hiring you for the job]". If we meant it as "They are among you(s)" then this can make perfect sense. I think of a science fiction movie scenario where aliens infiltrate and live among humans on earth and nobody can tell who they are, and in a dramatic fashion the camera goes to the scientist that everyone thinks is crazy and he tries to warn them "They are [living] among you!" (although that sentence works for plural "you" just as much).

Here's why I think you are right: @languagepotato had a good (and unanswered) question as well. Does this sentence work literally and/or metaphorically. And, as you have pointed out, what is the context of this sentence. In this case "They are among you" could be a perfectly acceptable answer and I would have reported it to DL as a correct answer.

TL;DR: I am not considering the quantity of voi as I don't think the number of people is imperative to the translation. However, your answer still makes sense and appears to be a correct translation (at least in English, perhaps there is a rule in Romanian where între can only be "between" for humans and is "among" for inanimate objects??), therefore your translation should be accepted.

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