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"Ellos habrían escrito esa carta."

Translation:They would have written that letter.

March 18, 2013



Speaking of letters. Thank you Duo Lingo for this free course! :D


The last sentence in my spanish course!: D


congratulations! I just now started doing reverse spanish->english. It works surprisingly well, so I recommend it! use the test before you begin though instead of starting at the beginning.


Me, I'm not done yet in this lesson and I have an unbelievable number of tarnished catagories to golden up. I gave up doing them as I was having to redo the same ones over and over every day without making any extent of forward progress. So told myself, screw that! I'm getting out of here 'cause I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Soon, though, I will clean those babies up and stay working the Spanish lessons a fair while so that I can gain at least some extent of familiarity with the new language which I know is the key to fluency. Then I may get into the reverso.

I have been looking in books which I had found I could not learn Spanish using several years ago. I have a number of them and just could not utilize them to learn anything. Duh! Would you believe I can now understand all they say? And I do mean, everything in them! I can read that stuff!


Duolingo is amazing!

The thing is, guys, we are a part of history, here. And I am not joking. This a world effecting thing. It will have a great impact on all that is going on in the planet. My bet that even high end government officials will be using Duolingo around the world

It just clicked with me. Suited me, just as it is doing for millions of others.


That's great news, Eugene. I am a "veteran" learner of Spanish, and Duolingo has certainly refreshed my memory, and then some!


Eugene, your every comment on Duolingo is truly amazing. Thank you for helping.


and mine !! :-)


Thanks for all the help! I never thought two years ago that I would ever reach the bottom of this tree! I hope to be able to use what I have learned to expand my Spanish knowledge!!!


This was my last sentence of my skill tree.

Thank you so much to all of Duolingo and its community for helping me with this wonderful adventure. Duolingo, te amo!

Sinceramente, Ben


¡Wooh! My last sentence. I finally finished the tree :)


Card should also be accepted.


I thought so too. But after doing some research, the only "card" that is translated into "carta" is a playing card (you know, poker and such). A birthday card or a post card is a "tarjeta" (tarjeta postal) in Spanish, not "carta". It's a false friend. I actually knew "tarjeta postal", but didn't draw the conclusion that it couldn't be "carta". :)


This is my last sentence. I appreciate all the memories from the past 3 years! I want to thank the community for its support for me in this journey. ¡Buena suerte!


All of these sound like excuses for something horrible I've done. "They would have written that letter... if I didn't stop them... permanently. bwahaha"


Yeah.. my sister got "Voy a eliminar lentamente", which translates into "I will eliminate them slowly." Another one of hers was "I used to let my dog eat." Kinda creepy when you think about them.

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