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"Eine Liste der Autoren ist hier verfügbar."

Translation:A list of the authors is available here.

January 20, 2018



Should "An authors' list" also be an acceptable translation?


I don't think a possessive phrase can be indefinite in English: when you use the genitive construction (-'s) the possessed noun is automatically definite and any article is understood to refer to the possessor rather than the ‘possessee’—that is, in ‘a butcher's knife’, ‘a’ refers to ‘butcher’, not to ‘knife’ (it is ‘the knife of a butcher’, not ‘a knife of a/the butcher’). Since ‘authors’ is plural it can't take an indefinite article, so ‘an authors' list’ is ungrammatical. The funny thing is it doesn't immediately sound wrong because, when you read it out loud, it sounds like ‘an author's list’ (‘the list of an author’), which is a perfectly fine phrase, although not a correct translation. ‘A list of the authors’ is really the only possible translation.


Not sure about this......A list is certainly singular; but if the list is the authors of a particular genre of book then "An authors' list [of e.g. crime fiction writers] is available here [e.g. on a website]" would seem to make sense.

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