"Měli jen osmdesát devět židlí pro devadesát lidí."

Translation:They had only eighty-nine chairs for ninety people.

January 20, 2018

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Why present perfect "they have had only eighty-nine chairs for ninety people" is not accepted? Or is not common in daily speech? Thanks.


Is 'lidí' accusative, here (hence 'devadesát' rather than 'devadesáti')? If so, is this Wiktionary declension table wrong, only listing 'lidí' (with the final accent) as genitive plural?

[deactivated user]

    Look back to the notes on the use of the genitive plural with numbers. From 5 to 99, with indefinite numbers, and in some uses for larger numbers, the counted object is in the genitive plural.


    The option ninety is missing from the options, instead there is only nine. I reported it though.


    We would need a screenshot.

    Also, we are not responsible for the word bank. Do not report to us, report as a bug to Duolingo. A screenshot is a must for that.

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