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why is there no lab (Duolingo Stories & Duolingo Podcast) for Korean learners??

I think Duolingo lab will be so useful for learners. but it's just limited for few languages. Does anyone know if there is a plan for expanding it for Korean language?

January 20, 2018



Excellent idea. Yeap but it seems for now they are focusing on uploading more contents in Spanish mostly and English. Was wondering if they have any contents in French and so far I found nothing in French or to do with French learning not to mention Korean. lol


yes. unfortunately it seems to be no plan for adding any content in Korean lab soon! but about French lab I saw some contents in Duolingo Stories.

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That's gonna take a while, this course is not even out of beta yet.


hopefully it happens soon and also gets out of beta level :))


I hope they do so soon...its been a year since ur comment

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