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  5. Da spült jemand Geschirr


Da spült jemand Geschirr

Does (da) here mean there or we doesnt translate it in english?

January 20, 2018



I think this sentence can only be used in a context in which "da" refers to a certain location where someone is doing the dishes. So it might be translated:

Over there, someone is doing the dishes.


Not necessarily: Hörst du das? Ich glaube, da spült jemand Geschirr! (You hear that? I think somebody’s washing the dishes!)

“da” in sentences like this is a bit like the “there” in English “there is/are…”. It could refer to a specific place, but it could also just be a generic word to fill the first position in a sentence. In the second case you often could use “there is/are” in English (so my example sentence above could also be translated as: “I think there is somebody washing the dishes.”).

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