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  5. "Vepřové došlo."

"Vepřové došlo."

Translation:We are out of pork.

January 20, 2018



"There's no pork left"

"We are out of pork" is a correct translation, but i don't think it should be the main translation, because it's know said WHO is out of pork. Or just correct it to "Došlo nám vepřové".


If 'we are out of pork' is correct, why isn't 'we run out of pork'? Both of them have the same meaning in English and can be used in the same situation.


"We HAVE run out of pork" is accepted. "We run out of pork" sounds like an incomplete thought... as if, for example, we run out of it every day, every week, on Tuesdays when it rains, etc. It suggests a repeated action.


Asi se nedá použít překlad: pork is over./after ten minutes the battle was over/? neříká se to tak,je to blbost,?

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