"If I come, I will cook"

Translation:Kama nikija nitapika chakula

January 20, 2018

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there is no chakula!


You are right! Surely it is enough to say "nitapika" - what else would you cook but food? Is this necessary in Swahili?

Compare "nitacheza musiki" ("I will dance to music"), though I suppose you could dance to drums.


Other comments here have indicated that you would only combine "kama" and "-ki-" for extra emphasis. The lesson tips and notes didn't mention combining them at all. So just "Nikija, nitapika chakula" or "Kama nitakuja, nitapika chakula" would be enough.


Yep, but there is no nikuja. You forgot the tense marker, eg.: ninakuja.


Oops! Now corrected. Thanks for spotting that. I used the future tense though, because "If I am coming" sounds strange. ( I think you would know if you were on your way....)

As I understand it, the present tense can't indicate the future as it can in English. (For example, you can say "I am coming tomorrow" in English, but you would have to say "Nitakuja kesho" in Swahili.) Isn't that so?

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