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Translating documents?

Aren't we allowed to help translate documents for Duolingo anymore?

January 20, 2018



Immersion was removed about a year ago. It won't be back.


No. Immersion was eliminated some time ago. It took a lot of time and staff to maintain, was rather heavily abused, and was not used by the majority of population here.

You might want to try http://readlang.com - it has access to "on the fly" translation, and is a fine site for translation and reading practice.


Thank you for sharing that site! I was thinking recently about a browser add-on I used to have when I was learning Japanese that would let me scroll over unknown characters to get their meaning, and was wishing I had something similar for Esperanto. Not only does this look like a great resource for more reading material, but it lets me do just what I was looking for. Thank you very much!


Not anymore. It was removed a while ago.


Some Duozens (Duolingo citizens; I just made that up :D) created a site for document translation. I don't know it it's still active or not, but here's the announcement: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22228863


Immersion was removed nearly one year ago from today. It's not possible to translate articles anymore.


I didn't realize this was a sad occasion.


The world is quiet here.

I could NOT help myself.

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