January 20, 2018

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    “Что Россия? Это Советский Союз!”


    Translation of above comment: What Russia? This is Soviet Union!
    I find it appropriate to add that Soviet Union is 쏘베트사회주의공화국련맹 (full name) or 쏘련 (short version) in Korean. In North Korean dialect, that is :) Down South that would be: 소비에트 사회주의 공화국 연방 or 소련.
    These two examples exhibit different spacing rules of the two Koreas. In North Korea, proper names generally have no spaces within them.
    To give one more example of a rather random, albeit fittingly overly long name, "Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic" is 끼르기즈쏘베트사회주의공화국 and 키르기스 소비에트 사회주의 공화국 in North and South respectively.
    Also, Russia is 로씨야 in NK. Moscow is 모스크바 in both Korean states. Though it used to be spelled 모쓰크바 in North Korea some half of century ago.

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